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Embrace change

When I was 8 years old my home was struck by lightning in a storm and destroyed by the fire that ensued. As I wept, overwhelmed by my shattered world, my father took me to one side.


'We will be okay. No-one was hurt and we will rebuild the house. But it is important that you understand that life will always bring change. It is the nature of things. Don't be frightened of it. Try and embrace it.' 


I took those words to heart. Throughout my career I have learnt to use the momentum of change to get things done. 

Now I coach leaders so you are able to navigate the unprecedented and relentless pace of change in the world around us and still thrive.

I will keep you true to yourself, and centred by your own goals and dreams, so you develop a distinctive leadership approach, based on your personal values, passion and inherent talent.

I will guide you on how to be an inclusive leader, able to foster authenticity and a sense of belonging from your colleagues and team.  

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