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By your side

Being a leader and trying to make a difference in the world can be exciting and fulfilling, but it can also be daunting and stretching.

Coaching gives you the opportunity to step back from your busy working life to reflect on challenges as they arise, rehearse the options available and decide the course of action you want to take to achieve your goals.


It is always possible to be more than you dared imagine, and get more done, whilst maintaining your energy and resilience. Coaching will accelerate the progress you make as a leader by creating the space to recalibrate.


My role is to listen, constructively challenge and help you surface the talents that make you a leader so you can move forward with confidence with the impact required to make meaningful change. 

As your coach and partner I am right by your side as you navigate the noise and complexity of leadership, supporting and encouraging you to fulfil your immense potential.

What people say



‘The first thing I would say about Jan, is that I feel I can say anything, and not be judged.

That safe space is incredibly liberating and empowering and has been invaluable to me personally when trying to creatively work though issues and challenges I face as a CEO and as an agency.

My sessions with Jan are always challenging, yet incredibly rewarding.

I go into the session with multiple questions, and somehow come out 90 minutes later with a way forward on most of them, for which I had the answers all along, and above all feel confident and energised.’

Head of EMEA Performance Media

Merkle DWA

'Working with Jan has enabled me take a step back from my day to day as a leader and build focus around specific hurdles.


She helped me truly understand the source of these challenges and formulate tangible solutions that have since had true impact on both mine and my team’s development.


Her coaching approach felt tailored to my needs, I felt challenged but supported at the same time.


It was a true pleasure working with Jan and I look forward to leveraging her expertise in the future.'


Develop Safe

'Jan is amazing, and I love talking to her.  I could talk to her about absolutely anything, and fortunately for me we get to discuss me and my startup.


I've always believed she really cares about what I'm doing, and that she genuinely wants me to succeed. 


I look forward to our sessions with excitement, and my admiration for her ensures that I make sure I get my homework done!


The decision to work with her was super easy and has exceeded all my expectations.'

Director of Digital Products


‘I have been working with Jan for a number of months and she has helped me enormously.


Our sessions are always challenging but very rewarding.


Jan is wise and empathetic and is skilled in ensuring I find the answers myself.


Our sessions are never long enough.'

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