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My approach

My approach is bespoke and designed to keep pace with the dynamic reality of your busy and demanding working life.

I work as your equal and trusted partner as you think through the issues you face in your business activities and relationships and develop ideas for accelerating your progress.

Typically this works in three stages:



Understanding you, the environment in which you are operating, your hopes and dreams, your goals for change.



Exploring possible pathways, experiments, coalitions, stakeholder management, communication and engagement plans and considering potential pitfalls and stumbling blocks.



Committing to action, preparing and doing the groundwork to ensure success, clarifying the steps ahead.

90 minutes


Usually the 90 minute sessions are scheduled 4-6 weeks apart to allow progress, reflection and results.

My approach is eclectic and draws on multiple sources and coaching influences. Since qualifying as an executive coach at Henley Business School I have trained in Nancy Kline's 'Time to Think'.

Our conversations are confidential and any reporting on their effectiveness is done by you. 

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